Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of Supervisors of The Central Charlotte County Drainage District will be held at the following date, time and place:

Date of Meeting: December 10, 2020
Time of Meeting: 2:00 PM
Place of Meeting: Charlotte County Public Works Offices – Conference Room
7000 Florida Street, Punta Gorda, Florida 33950

The purpose of the meeting and matters which will be discussed, considered and acted upon include the following:

  1. Appointment of supervisor to fill Mr. McQueen’s position on Board.
  2. Consideration and action regarding maintenance projects and a business plan for cleaning and maintaining District ditches.
  3. Review and discuss financial condition or status of District
  4. Consideration of actions required to increase District’s assessment authority.
  5. Such other business as may be brought before the Supervisors

Dated the 6th day of November 2020.

Board of Supervisors, The Central Charlotte County Drainage District

Published: November 20, 2020 and November 27, 2020