Unit Information

Unit ID: 300120
Year: 2018
Unit Name: Central Charlotte County Drainage District
Unit Status: Active
Unit Dependency: Independent

Location Information

Name: Mrs. Judy Uhland
Title: Secretary / Treasurer
Phone: (941) 264-9171
Fax: (941) 463-1411
Address: PO Box 510341, Punta Gorda, Fl 33951-0341

Contact Information

Name: Mr. Samuel C Summers
Title: CPA
Phone: (941) 639-2146
Email: scscpa@pgftcpas.com
Address: PO Box 510308, Punta Gorda, FL 33951-0308


Chief Financial Office:

Name: Judy Uhland
Title: Secretary/Treasurer

Question: Have You ‘Experienced a Financial Emergency in this year?
Answer: No

Question: If Yes, Have You Complied With Section 218.503(2), Florida Statutes?
Answer: Not Applicable

Question: Auditor General Rule: Section 10.554(1)(h)6.b): If applicable, does the Annual Financial Report agree with the Audited Financial Statement? (Do total revenues and expenditures per fund group on the AFR balance to the audited Statement of Revenues and Expenditures?)
Answer: Yes

Chairman/Elected Official

Name: Robert McQueen
Title: Chairman

AFR Details

Original AFR
AFR Status: Submitted
AFR Received Date:1/9/2019
Audit Received Date:
Submission Type: Electronic

Debt Information

Long-Term Debt: $0

Audit Information

Was an audit performed? No
Audit Performed Date: no date entered
Auditor Name: no name entered
Address: no address entered

Revenues Report for FYE 2018

Code: Other Miscellaneous Revenues
Total : $17,512
Code: Control/Stormwater Control – Operating Expenses
Total: $25,815

Element Worksheet Report for FYE 2018

Unit ID: 300120, Central Charlotte County Drainage District

1. Unreserved Fund Balance, $165,566
2. Restricted Net Assets, $139,838
3. Cash and Investments, $25,728
4. Cash and Investments, $0
5. Current Liabilities (Government), $0
6. Current Liabilities (Proprietary), $0
7. Long-Term Debt, $0
8. Total Revenues, $17,512
9. Intergovernmental Revenues, $0
10. Total Expenditures, $25,815
11. Debt Service Expenditures, $0
12. Total Operating Revenues, $17,512
13. Intergovernmental Revenues, $0
14. Total Operating

Expenses, $25,815